This a fully rebuilt and upgraded Whirlwind 185 Hang Tag Stringing Machine with custom hole punch made to customer specs.  This is our premiere machine – the fastest, most versatile, and dependable hang tag machine in the world.  In ideal conditions this unit can produce nearly 100,000 Hang Tags per shift.  All machines are fitted to the customers needs.  Please see the below index for a list of options.

A. Durant Batch / Totalizer Counter
B. Vertical Needle Lever
C. Main Shaft Center Support
D. Fully Adjustable Delivery Plate
E. Remote Operator Control Box
F. Gasket-less 2.5 Cubic Foot Waste Box Area
G. Elastic Attachment
H. Hinged Guards
I. Adjustable String Length
J. Quiet Vacuum System
K. Variable Electric Drive
L. Euro Gear Drive Motor
M. Safety Switches on Hinged Guards